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When you’re operating a retail store, it’s important that you hire the right security team to ensure entry, exit, and operations during the opening hours are run safely and securely. Security and close protection services. At Nighthawk Security Services , we work closely with shops and business owners to create a comprehensive security plan, so whether you’re looking for a doorman or security guard, our services are perfect for you. Based in Cleveland, we offer the number one selection of security services in the area. Call today on 07496545805 to find out more.

Perimeter & Manned Security Services

In addition to manned security entry we also provide a selection of perimeter security services designed to ensure that your business is free from any backdoor entry as well as vandalism and theft of important goods. We use a series of modern and traditional techniques from regular foot patrols to CCTV monitoring across your space ensuring that, if an issue does arise, we can act quickly to stamp it out and ensure your day runs smoothly from then on.

Attentive Security

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you run, the risk of theft and other disturbances are present. Consider – shoppers may not be doing anything illegal, but it's not uncommon for them to bring drinks and open containers into your store. With our attentive door security service, small nuisances will be a thing of the past, and you'll see the difference in your expenditures when you are able to decrease payments for losses and damages.


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Dave Rowe

09 May 2020

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Tansy Beal

04 May 2020

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Absolutely 100% recommend! Professional from start to finish! Thank you for being security at my 21st! I could not have asked for any better! :)

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